Raw diet preparation methods and precautions

In most cases, these types of foods are consumed by people in a raw diet, but some methods of preparation are accepted, such as dehydrated, macerated, fermented, sprouted and pickled.

People need to know that sprouted products, which are obtained by soaking seeds, offer a high availability of vitamins and make foods such as legumes and cereals more digestible.

Pickles, for which vinegar is often used, add a note of sour flavor and something sour to the meals.

Fermented products, which are made with water, salt and some yeast or yeast, are probiotics. Their role is to increase intestinal health, promote digestion and strengthen the immune system.

If you decide to follow such a diet, it is very important to make sure that the food is of good quality, because consumption in raw form runs the risk of contamination by bacteria and microorganisms, especially when it comes to dairy products. animal origin.

People also need to know that specialists recommend consuming organic products, because this way you can avoid pesticides and other harmful substances from plant foods, but also in the case of eating meat, eggs and fish to ensure that the animals were fed naturally and without drug abuse.

Keep in mind that these types of diets can cause people to be deficient in minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc due to the antinutrients naturally present in some foods, which are substances that decrease their absorption.

Some of these antinutrients are oxalates from vegetables such as spinach and beets, phytates from cereals, seeds, legumes and nuts, saponins and tannins. In cooking these substances are destroyed, but in a raw diet can be avoided by soaking seeds, nuts and legumes for several hours, or germination, as well as paying attention to the combination of foods by not consuming those rich in iron. or calcium with those that inhibit its absorption, as well, trying not to abuse its consumption.

And last but not least, these types of diets have a very high protein deficiency in their composition.